In the late 80s, the parish of Sant Miquel dels Sants used to hold occasionally choral and organ small concerts, organized by the group Escors with Antoni Casas on the front, and the collaboration of the Coral Sant Miquel dels Sants under the direction of Poire Vallvé and the participation of the organist Eduard Mañé.

The success of this type of artistic expression in the parish encouraged us to organize more important concerts, although not without difficulty (especially economic difficulties). However, we always had the full support from priests, Father Pere Campanyà, Father Ramon Boldú, Father Modest Vendrell and Father Josep Pons. Very often, those concerts included orchestral versions arranged by Eduard Mañé. An example at that time in the Parish was the audition of the “Musical Sleigh Ride” of L. Mozart, an instrumental delight performed by the children of the catechesis and conducted by Joan Barbet.

We remember as the first big concert the performance of the first part of Handel’s Messiah by the Grup Coral Horta conducted by Xavier Folch with de collaboration of the orchestra Amics dels Clàssics&nbsp conducted by Joan Palet. It was in Advent 1989. Two years after, in Advent 1991, the same choir and orchestra performed the Mozart’s “Missa Brevis in D major”. Although it is not choral music, in Advent 1992 Helena Mañé led a group of children of the catechesis playing the Haydn’s “Toy Symphony”.

Over these years many more instrumental works have been performed. Concerts for harpsichord: Bach’s “Italian Concerto”, “Fandango” by Padre Soler; chamber concerts: Bach’s “Brandenburg Concertos”, Handel’s organ “Concertos”, “Concerto for harp and flute” by Mozart with keyboard accompaniment; orchestra concerts: Mozart’s “Serenades”, “Ritirata” from Boccherini’s “Night Music of the Streets of Madrid”, L. Anderson’s “Melodies” and so on.

At this point, Eduard Mañé reconsidered the musical activity and decided to reduce it so as to prepare an audition of the Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion” during Lent of 1997 coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Parish. An arrangement basically for organ was made and the audition was achieved thanks to the extensive work carried out by the conductor Juan Giral and his group of singers Ars Cantus, the valuable collaboration of Jaume Casassas, Anna Gascon and Quim hands, the magnificent participation of children group Petits Cantors from Barcelona under the direction of Miquel Fernández and the support of the Parish with Father Manuel Tort on the top. In the same year, in the celebration of the Mass for the Dead, the Orfeo Manresà and the Grup Coral Horta, both under the direction of Quim Piqué sang the “Requiem” of Mozart.

The success of those auditions decisively led us to open new paths to the great religious choral performances in the Parish, and so, in July 2000 the Cor Bach conducted by Robert Garrigós, with the essential support of Lieder Camera under the direction of Josep Vila, gave a memorable concert by performing the Bach’s “Mass in B minor”. And so the Cor Bach was born. It was composed by former singers from other groups who had already acted in Sant Miquel dels Sants.

In 2001, the Cor Bach participated in a Mass for the Dead with the performance of the Mozart’s “Requiem”.

The Cor Bach, led by Robert Garrigós, and the Cor ecumènic de les parròquies alemanyes (Ecumenical Choir of the German Parishes) from Barcelona, conducted by Markus Schicora, performed the unabridged “Christmas Oratorio” of Bach, in Advent 2004. As a result of this concert, the Societat Bach of Sant Miquel dels Sants was created in 2005 with the aim of continuing the selfless promotion of ancient music in the neighbourhood by voluntary and disinterested contribution of its members.

Since its founding, the Cor Bach has participated in some liturgical acts of the Parish with the performance of motets and chorales.

In May 2005, always under the careful leading of Robert Garrigós, they performed the Bach’s “Oratory of the Ascension” and in December, the same year, the “Magnificat BWV 243” also by Bach, with the participation of the Orfeó Gracienc conducted by Poire Vallvé.

Since June 2006 and for over two years, Gabriel Miralles took charge of the Cor Bach. They performed the Mozart’s “Missa Solemnis in C”, the Bach’s “St. John Passion”, the Charpentier’s “Te Deum” and the Mozart’s “Solemn Vespers”.

Later in September 2008, Murat Khupov took the responsibility of leading the choir. With him, at times as the rehearsal conductor and at others as the concert conductor, the Cor Bach performed the Handel’s “Messiah”, with the Coral Sant Jordi conducted by Lluis Vila, the Bach’s Cantatas 37 and 11, the motet “Jesu, meine Freude” and the “St Mark Passion” of R. Keiser. This one in a choir exchange with the Kirchenchor from Waldenbuch-Dettenhausen (Stuttgart) and the Cor ecumènic de les parròquies alemanyes from Barcelona.

In June 2009, another choir, the Capella Bach, was created within the Society. Nacho Cantalejo was its conductor. The same year, the Societat Bach signed a collaboration agreement with the chamber orchestra Canticela from the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia.

The Parish, with Father Joaquim Vives and Father Bartomeu Mayoral, continued to support the musical activities promoted by the Societat Bach and the other parish choirs. In October 2011 we welcomed the new parish rector, Father Antoni Babra.